• winston shouts rape joke in union reply
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  • post a phone number or idea reply
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    i will prank call them, record it, then post it on here.

  • Question: Is Corp coming to Tallahasse for Clemson weekend? reply
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    sure would be cool if they did.

  • What fraternity/sorority was the worst fuck of your college career in reply
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    And what fraternity/sorority was the best fuck so far in? No names though

  • Fraternity Rankings reply
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    Pike, Phi Sig Delt, Phi Tau, ATO, Phi Delt Theta Chi, Sig Ep, Pi Kapp SAE, Chi Phi TKE, ZBT, AEPi Phi Psi, ADPhi, Delta Chi Fiji

  • Good news for Santa Fe reply
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  • fsu grad here reply
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    and to be honest, FSU is a shitty school. Everything I learned, and everything that employers have found valuable, were things that I had to teach myself. FSU doesn't try to get you jobs or anything. To be honest teachers don't want anything to do with you after you...

  • Who's got the biggest tits in phi mu? reply
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  • sorority tumblr war reply
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    who's the hottest http://fsuchiomega.tumblr.com http://deltazetafsu.tumblr.com http://fsuaoii.tumblr.com http://kkgfsu.tumblr.com http://fsugammaphibeta.tumblr.com http://phimufloridastate.tumblr.com http://axofsu.tumblr.com

  • James and "fuck her right in the pussy" reply
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    It's like he's fucking retarded.

  • Why is it super difficult to be in a relationship here? reply
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    Tried the whole hooking up thing, wasn't fun. Deep down i'm a couples kind of girl Just don't understand why it's so difficult to find someone here..ALL they want to do is hook up. And while you want to continue talking to a guy but not have sex with him right away, he...

  • Gameday Sign ideas reply
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    Which 2 signs should I bring to Gameday? 1) faggots love the new logo 2) only faggots and freshman support the new walmart logo 3) the new logo looks like Mel Kiper Jr 4) FSU athletic admin got kickbacks and now my logo looks fucking stupid. 5) monk is...

  • post rush ranks reply
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    Taking into account, their houses, homecoming partners, numbers, etc Pike Delt Phi sig Phi tau/Ka/Ato Pi Kapp/Theta chi Phi Delt Kappa Sig Chi phi SAE Tke/ADPhi/aepi Delta chi/ZBT Beta Sigma pi Phi Psi Fiji (haven't rushed yet, so at bottom)

  • Daniel Burdick Busted reply
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    This dude likes to get in fights around FSU. Busted! Karma is a Bitch!

  • What ever happened to JoJo? reply
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    America needs you, JoJo. We miss you. Please bump and/or comment if you want JoJo to come perform at FSU sometime this year. Show JoJo your love! #fsulovesjojo

  • REAL Question:Why does no guy want a relationship here? reply
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    This is somewhat opposing to the other user's question. The few guys I end up truly liking and wanting to pursue something just end up as disappointing in the end (they stop talking to me for no reason.) When I do like a guy, I don't want to hook up with him right...

  • I'm nuts 4 KD and DDD!!!! reply
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    I dont know a lot about sororities but I just want to say something. I just want to say there was a KD in my geology lab last year and she was so nice to me. BUT I also know a Tri Delt and she's so pretty and fun to be around so I think they deserve to be the top...

  • Titty fucked Plitman reply
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  • high waisted shorts reply
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    why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why

  • Stefano Cavallaro and other SGA officials met with FSU Administration and Westcott officials reply
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    Cavallaro is aware that Thrasher has already been selected behind closed doors to be the next President and the process is done, but will keep going as a formality. Thrasher will officially be announced on Tuesday after BOT. David Coburn and other university admin...

  • Question thats been bugging me. reply
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    Why the fuck is it called monks if the name of the place is Wells Brothers?

  • PI Phi Bid day vid reply
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  • Names of gay or bi frat guys reply
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    names, go.

  • No wonder our local troll is 8 trolls in 1 ... reply
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    ... poor guy needs some help http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/16/health/schizophrenia-eight-diseases/index.html?hpt=hp_t2