• Santa Fe injured? reply
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  • Why do FSU professors and students get murdered so often? reply
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    This recent one isnt even as bad as when Cheryl Dunlap got her head chopped off by a homeless guy a few years ago

  • After reading this site, glad im a GDI reply
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    So glad i'm not involved in your judgmental circle. God forbid i mismatch my socks when i'm still wasted from the night before and someone notices, then proceeds to make a topic on here calling me a faggot and a loser and poor and and ugly over something retarded that...

  • hoping to get a little advice reply
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    I am at a bit of a crossroad and am looking for some advice. I know this isn't exactly the best place to look for help, but hopefully I can get at least one or two intelligent posts along with the fag and "troll" comments I'm sure I will receive. I'm a pre med student...

  • Toyota Corolla in Singapore costs $135,000 reply
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    And they have a 28% poverty level with the lowest median wages for a first world economy. And we thought our gap between the rich and poor was bad http://thehearttruths.com/2014/05/06/singapore-first-world-economy-first-world-costs-third-world-everything-else/

  • Geed logic reply
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    Fucking dirty hookers is cool, and hookers with "standards" are respectable, http://www.collegeleak.com/discussion/46496/my-backpage-experience/p1 But girls in sororities? downvote anything they say, they're disgusting sluts who are dispicable. lmfao.

  • Rick Scott versus Charlie Crist reply
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    Both candidates are surely awful people so it is yet another battle of choosing the politician who will do less wrong to Florida's economy.

  • ***FRAT RANKINGS FALL 2014*** reply
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    Pike Phi Tau SigEp Delt

  • Phi Sig Update? reply
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  • Do you believe in ghosts or vampires? reply
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    Have you ever seen a ghost?

  • Phi sig is back!! reply
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  • New bus routes! Spoiler: They fucking suck! reply
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    http://transportation.fsu.edu/announcements Please email transportation@fsu.edu to let them know your thoughts.

  • Grateful Dead = Best Band Ever reply
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    We miss you Jerry.

  • Carrie Sullivan for Corp Sweetheart reply
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    Voteeee for meeee!!!

  • air Algeria plane off radar reply
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    Oh dear.

  • MIPs reply
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    Got two MIPs within 30 days of each other and am not sure what the circumstances are. The cop said ill have to repeat the Diversion Program and it'll be off my record but I don't believe his word. No I'm not freshman, I'm a stupid sophomore in a '"top" fraternity and...

  • Corp eats other dudes cum reply
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    Has Aids. "Tongue punched that battered butthole.Yummmmm... Tender filet mignon ... Rare- Del Friscos"

  • ariana grande reply
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    What would you do to her

  • My backpage experience reply
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    So last night I was a little tipsy at my place after taking a Xanax and drinking some 40s by myself... Anyways I was bored as fuck so I started surfing the web and somehow stumbled upon backpage.com For people who don't know backpage is a site where you buy hookers....

  • South Tampa Analyst Salaries (and bonuses)? reply
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    I know there aren't a lot of Corporate jobs in South Tampa but they do have a lot of smaller firms, boutique banks, and middle-market banks. Does anybody know how much they get paid?

  • Gun humpers are the worst reply
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    Grow a dick and stop loving your stupid gun. Join the civilized world you red neck creamy cunt muscle.

  • Carrie Sullivan a whore for Corp? reply
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    She fucked 3 brothers at the Orlando Capital Grille?

  • pi kapp reply
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    toga party how was it

  • blondes or brunettes? reply
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    preferably a guys opinion