• Battle of the Bottom Tier reply
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    ADPhi - AEPi - Beta - Delta Chi - Phi Psi - Sigma Pi - TKE - ZBT My vote's for pike, but that's just me.

  • phi tau oasis... was a joke reply
    Posted 07/20/2014 1:00 PM | Last Reply 07/24/2014 11:34 PM

    seriously say more pikes here than phi taus.. which is kinda funny, but phi tau is a joke for allowing that and having no idea and/or no balls to kick them out. Also allowed tons of cops in the house to give MIPS, freshman girls will be forever scared to go back. Then...

  • planning on rushing these following fraternities reply
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    can someone tell me how they are SAE, Kappa Sig, ADPhi, Phi Tau and ATO. They all seemed like they had a tight brotherhood and threw decent parties and were chill.

  • Corp Only Uses Bacon Flavored Condoms reply
    Posted 07/24/2014 3:53 PM | Last Reply 07/24/2014 11:31 PM

    https://www.facebook.com/JDsFoods/posts/138224213024622 Our Sponsored Bitches love them! Our members love them cause when you tongue punch that battered butthole, its like bacon wrapped filet mignon -- Rare Yum! - Del Friscos Branch, Rare Division

  • the misc reply
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  • Tke appreciation thread reply
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    Midtier as fuck boys.

  • Super Secret. Heard Pike final inititation is to let a DG senior member strapon fuck them reply
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    you heard it here.

  • Dear Gun Humper reply
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    Is there a human you love as much as your gun?

  • Corp Philanthropy Casino Night reply
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    Raising money to eliminate kids with autism.

  • Fsupd is tired of frats reply
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    Fair warning.

  • Last Old vs. New Logo post on ACB reply
    Posted 05/5/2014 9:58 AM | Last Reply 07/24/2014 11:16 PM

    okay guys, its getting really old now; it's time to let it go. I've been an FSU fan my entire life due to my dad being alum. I loved the old logo to heart and when I seen the new one I HATED that shit with a passion. But time went by and my dad bought me a new logo...

  • i can only squad 85 lbs =( reply
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  • Help rush!!!!!!! Frats reply
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    Got bids to ZBT TKE ad phi and ATO. Which should I choose?

  • Greatest Drake Quotes of All Time reply
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    Post 'em. "I'm really boutta go Spring break now, starts takin shots in this mufucka" -Drizzy

  • Rick Scott versus Charlie Crist reply
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    Both candidates are surely awful people so it is yet another battle of choosing the politician who will do less wrong to Florida's economy.

  • In a relationship for 2 years reply
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    That I really see no future with. But I love them so much. What do I do. Sometimes I am so happy when we are together and other times I cry because I don't see a future with them.

  • Any girls here use strapons? reply
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    Incoming freshman from miami.

  • Do girls smoke in their sorority houses reply
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  • irony? reply
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  • best uni's reply
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    Nike kind of killed ours. Looks like we're running around in maxi dresses. So who is it now? Texas longhorns?

  • Fucking slut reply
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    So this chick I've hooked up with before hit me up to see what I was doing the other night. I told her of a party I was going to and a couple texts later I asked if she needed a ride, she then said she was already there.. I saw her at the party, talked a lil bit, you...

  • Would you end a relationship reply
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    with someone if one or both of your parents didn't like your SO?

  • Nootropics vs adderall reply
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    I have and adderall script but I am over it. Anyone ever try nootropics to know if they actually work? I have nothing against adderall but I don't want to take amphetamines everyday.

  • MY LIFE IS OVER!!! reply
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    So i had mexican for lunch today and it was great going down. Well i get off work and hit the bar for happy hour. I leave the bar at 7:45 and the mexican food started fighting my stomach. As i get to my apt this hottie that i have been flirting with is outside. She...